Between sand and paths

Discovering nature in Romagna: between sand and paths

The Riviera is renowned for its lively beaches… And yet there are also places where you can treat yourself to a quiet day and discover nature in Romagna: uncontaminated beaches, woods and an ancient pinewood.

“And getting lost in nature”

The natural parks and secret beaches of Romagna

Would you have ever said in Romagna there are places where to delve into nature, to discover unique landscapes? There are plenty of natural parks: ancient forests await you for a trip along their pathways, from the Park of the Chalk Veneer to the Parco delle Foreste Casentinesi, through caves and rivers that form natural pools. Along the coast of Ravenna there is the pinewood, which for centuries has run parallel to the coastline. Poets, writers and smugglers have passed from here; today it is the perfect place for sport fans, or for those who simply wish to relax in the open air. And if you don’t fancy going farther away from the sea, you can discover the most beautiful beaches of the Riviera, such as the one of Fiorenzuola in Focara or the Beach of Tamarisks in Cesenatico.


Tamarisk Beach

On the Cesenatico sea-front there is a beach in which sea, sand and tamarisks are the only protagonists. Coming here means experiencing the seaside differently, immersed between natural elements and the sound of waves.

Natural Park of Casentino Forests

Along the border between Romagna and Tuscany there is a clean forest, covering the hill slopes for centuries. You can discover ancient villages and plunge into the wood, charmed by such a magic place.

Pinewood of Classe

Plunge into an ancient pinewood, which will amaze you with its paths and wildest and cleanest areas. It is perfects for promenades and sport fans, who can discover its trails on foot, by bike or on horse.

Between history and nature

Today, woods and forests are isolated places, but once upon a time they were visited by characters of every kind: merchants, ambassadors, exiled people.. The forests of Casentino, at the border between Romagna and Tuscany, were crossed more than once by Dante Alighieri, who found shelter at the Castel of Poppi. The author of the Divine Comedy passed also from the pinewood of Classe, which he described in the Purgatory… But he was not the only poet to be enchanted by the charm of the centennial pine trees: Gabriele D’Annunzio stayed near Ravenna with Eleonora Duse, giving rise to a series of anecdotes about him.

Fiorenzuola of Focara

Plunged in the Natural Park of Monte San Bartolo, Fiorenzuola is perfect for the fans of spotless beaches. From the Medieval village, sheer on the sea, a path will take you to the small beach and the blue sea.

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