Between sea and hills

Eating well in Romagna, between sea and hills

Eating well in Romagna is an art, which has its roots in traditions related to the sea and the land. From the Riviera to the hills, you will find dishes and wines in which new and ancient flavors meet.

From oily fish to the vineyards

“The art of fine cuisine”

In 1891, Romagna’s Pellegrino Artusi collected some recipes in book “Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well”: as Romagna’s “azdore”, more than just cooks, real institutions of hospitality, know, local cuisine is linked to the needs of the families of fishermen and farmers. Traditional dishes are prepared with simple ingredients only, without wastes. On the Riviera, at the people’s table there was oily fish, the least fine of the daily haul, while in the countryside adzoras prepared pasta with eggs and wheat and carefully kept pork meat. The hill slopes are apt to viticulture, boasting a very long tradition here: viticulturists obtain wines such as the Sangiovese, of decided taste, and the Pagadebit, so called as it made it possible to repay the debts incurred over the year.


The cellars of Bertinoro

According to a legend, Bertinoro owes its name to the quality of its centenary wines. Very close, plunged in the vineyards, there are many wineries: don’t miss them if you wish to taste Albana and Sangiovese.


It is the bread of Romagna, to which Giovanni Pascoli even dedicated a poem. The writer said its recipe varied even from home to home: of course, piada is finer in the area of Rimini, and thicker near Ravenna.


. In Romagna, if you are fond of sweets, you will find your heat. Our favorite desserts include zuppa inglese, based on cream, chocolate and alkermes, or the doughnut of eggs and wheat, that come with a good wine glass.

New and ancient flavors

Romagna’s cuisine is linked to ancient traditions: but where to go today to taste the best flavors of this region? You can start from the coast, where the table is rich at many fish specialties to be tasted on the seashore. Of course, piadina is a must-eat: those who have never been to Romagna before will have fun at discovering that its recipe changes slightly on the way from Rimini to Ravenna. On the hills instead you will taste the decided flavor of charcuterie and pit cheese… Always keeping in mind the main courses based on fresh pasta, from cappelletti to tagliatelle!

Brisighella oil

The area of Brisighella is particularly apt to oil culture, boasting a very long tradition. Still nowadays, oil Is extracted only mechanically, in order to keep the pleasantly bitterish taste of local olives.

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